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There’s no better time to get started.

Be a good human

Recycle all of your commodities by implementing a transparent program. The landfill may be more convenient now but more costly for our future.

Be a world saver

Become an avid recycler and take action to stop global warming. Landfills are filled with waste and produce a dangerous GHG called methane. Recycling is a great way to fight global warming.

Be a thinker

Proactive not reactive thinking. Recycle your aluminum, metal, paper, cardboard, pallets, glass, plastic, electronics, and food. Fusion Recycling can find a home for all of your recycling needs.

Get Started

Contact us today to get started.

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Fusion Waste & Recycling

Fusion Waste & Recycling is an independently MBE waste / recycling company. Our one-stop collection cart service is perfect for all businesses, school districts, and multi-family housing communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex seeking sustainable recycling solutions for Zero Waste to LEED Initiatives. Everyday we are diverting commodities from the landfill, recycling, and working on your behalf for our environmental future.


Did you know food and yard waste can be recycled?

Fusion Recycling offers a complete recycling collection service for all businesses and multi-housing properties. Large or small clients – receive prompt quality service. Recycling is good for our environment, home, business, jobsite, and government entities. When you recycle you divert materials from the landfill and save on your waste costs.


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