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Organic Recycling

What’s in our Landfills?

Fusion Recycling provides Organic Recycling Services for the DFW area. Food makes up the largest percentage of waste going into municipal landfills and combusted for energy recovery. Organic Recycling is already mandatory in many states and our program is to help North Texas get a jumpstart on the organics recycling train.By partnering with Fusion Recycling, we divert organic waste from grocery stores, restaurants, schools and other organic producing industries and recycle it by means of compost or animal feed. Every day we are helping more and more companies achieve greater success towards their corporate responsibility and zero waste goals. Removing food/organics from the landfills reduces Green House Gases (GHG’s) and creates a greener lifestyle for North Texas.An environmentally friendly program that reduces your trash costs and promotes landfill diversion. We will provide you with signage, educational literature, and present a custom program for your Organic Recycling Initiative. Our recycling experts will develop a custom tailored program for your company.

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Our Organic Recycling Program will include durable 95 gallon roll out carts and we will develop a collection schedule that is structured to meet your needs.

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Service is available weekly (up to six days per week) and service levels will be determined based on volume.Please contact us for a free quote.