Waste & Recycling Containers - Fusion Waste
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Waste & Recycling Containers

33G / 128L Carts

  • Durable Resin Construction
  • Treaded wheels and steel axle
  • Slim profile allows cart to tuck away nicely when not in use
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95G Recycling Carts

  • 10” wheels
  • Meets ANSI standards
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32G Recycling and Waste Carts

  • 8” wheels
  • Meets ANSI standards
  • 5 year warranty

65G (240L) Recycling and Waste Carts

  • 12” rubber wheels
  • 240L
  • Available lock options
  • Available with Euro and North American style lift systems

95G (306L) Recycling and Waste Carts

  • Durable hinged lid keeps recyclables in and pests and rain out
  • Custom colors available


This 40 liter (10.5 Gallon) Collection Cart is designed for organic kitchen waste or other recyclables, and features an attractive tilt and roll design with a rotating handle, as well as a compact size for easy transport and convenient storage. Units are pre-assembled, well balanced and have no internal catch points. They are designed with multiple grab areas for easy manual dumping, have four ground contact points for extra stability, are highly nestable, and use a locking, hinged lid.

Labels available in any language

Super Sorter opening options for

Opening options can be custom

Carts are available in 35, 65 and 95 gallon sizes and boast a superior ventilation system that stimulates aerobic decomposition while promoting proper odor dissemination. This patented system quickly reduces the weight and volume of organic wastes, giving recycling programs the flexibility and cost savings by reducing your current collection service. An internal, hinged bottom assembly for the 65 Gallon and 95 Gallon carts pivots to prevent trapped debris during dumping.
Vents are optional equipment on most Roll-out Carts. Ask your representative for features and options, if available.

Types of vents:

  • Molded lid vent – Lids are molded with side vents to allow air to flow over the rim
  • Attached lid vent – Raised assembly riveted to center of lid to aid escaping warm air flow from highest point under lid
  • Side vent – Perforated plastic vent inserted at the top of the cart body and/or below the hinged bottom to encourage air flow through the container stimulating rapid decomposition.

Curbside & Deskside Waste / Recycling

Curbside Bins

  • Curbsides are available in sized ranging from 14 gallon to 23.5 gallons
  • Built-in handles for easy lifting
  • Custom hot stamping / colors available
  • Standard color is blue

Deskside Bins

  • Deskside Recycling Bins
  • Bins can also be used for Metal or Plastic Recyclables
  • Fits under bottom of drawer of a desk
  • Custom imprinting available
  • Hanging Waste Basket / Bin Divider accessory

Waste Baskets

  • Recycling / Waste Baskets
  • 14,28, and 41 quart sizes
  • Ideal for deskside recycling
  • Can be custom stamped
  • One injection molded seamless piece

Speciality Recycling and Waste Containers

Waste Watcher

  • No visible bag – internal bag hooks
  • 24”, 27”, 30” sizes
  • Easy grip handles
  • Custom imprinting available

Sort Centre

  • Textured scratch resistant openings
  • Custom signage or labels
  • 3 x 22 Gallon liners
  • Front door access with built in lock (keyed alike)

Sort Centre II

  • Multiple sizes (ranging from 30 to 92 gallons)
  • Will not rust or dent
  • Optional ground mounting kit
  • Option of being lockable
  • Custom in-mold graphics, vinyl wraps, and labels available

Kids Sort Centre

  • Primary colors and kid friendly decals
  • Textured scratch resistant openings
  • Custom signage available
  • 3 x 22 gallon liners
  • Choice of cans / bottles, paper, waste, and mixed openings
  • Capacity:  66 gallons
  • Dimensions:  19.42” L x 44.44” W x 38” H
  • Empty weight 83 lbs